I’m Sandra Guy Malhotra and I am SO EXCITED about this program! I am passionate about helping others make daily choices that provide nourishment for their body, mind, and spirit so that they can live an authentic, fulfilled and productive life. I want to empower wellness and integrative healing entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses so they can, in turn, reach many others.

I created abundance in my life, and you can, too. I started working at fast food joints in high school and saved money for college; got sraight A’s and eventually obtained a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. After 8 years as a development engineer/scientist at IBM, I made the jump to employee #3 at a start-up in Silicon Valley. There I built a technical consulting team that charged >$10M in fees from key customers and developed valuable intellectual property, which all helped the company go public in 2011.

After this success I decided to apply my learning and experience to change how health care is practiced. I have learned how to grow a successful business, and the same techniques can be applied to health and wellness without having to compromise on our values. I created W Cubed, Inc. and Generation Regeneration Wholistic Radio onVoiceAmerica.com to help make our food and health care systems work for our greater good. I feature holistic practitioners, integrative MD’s, energy healers and food movement activists who provide information and inspiration. Together, we can be the change that we seek!

I am thrilled to host this monthly program on Gen R Wholistic Radio with world-class coach Noam Kostucki. Noam is an accomplished coach and speaker, is living his abundance triple bottom line, and swears he is the richest guy in the world. He followed his dreams and relocated to Costa Rica, where he runs a global coaching business for high performing entrepreneurs in between surfing, meditating and dancing. But here’s why he’s extra special: he’s passionate, brilliant, fearless, authentic, and genuinely wants you to succeed. He’s an artist and will help you create your masterpiece. With Noam on your side, the sky is the limit. Here’s his story…