Joannee DeBruhl co-owns and manages Stone Coop Farm, a certified organic farm that grows vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, and eggs. Stone Coop Farm is a community based farm with over 50 working share members from ages 2 to 80 that work to grow the food. She provide tours and training on eating seasonally; what does certified organic, heirloom and GMO mean; and how can you grow fresh produce… in the winter in Michigan. Stone Coop farm also has Farm to Table dinners and classes (gardening, cooking, and fermentation). She LOVES to teach people how to grow and eat REAL food.

Joannee’s goal for this program is to break the mold that farmers work from sunrise to sunset and barely make a living. That means she has to accomplish this first and then she can teach other farmers how to succeed at farming in a 40 hour work week and taking vacations too. Most importantly, she wants Stone Coop Farm to be an international resource that can train new farmers and gardeners how to grow their own food using sustainable, organic growing practices. Her Big Dream is for Stone Coop Farm to be around for the next 200+ years. She aspires to be a steward for the land, and then pass it on to the next one. Small farms CAN feed the world! You can learn more about Stone Coop farm on their website at and also at their Stone Coop Farm Facebook fan page.