Lisa Ponichter is movement specialist with a master’s of physical therapy and trained in the Feldenkrais® Method. She believes movement is life and life is movement. We all want to do what we want to do and she loves helping others get back to doing what they love and doing it better and easier! She helps them reconnect with their natural ability to move through whole-body movement explorations. This allows one to move with more pleasure, ease, joy, strength, grace, and comfort. She relates to the heart, soul and power of this work because it gave her a life back. There was a point in her life after a fall down a flight of stairs where almost every movement caused pain. Doctors said she’d live the rest of her life in pain. Today she is pain-free and able to do the things she loves, including dance.

Lisa’s big goal with this program is to increase the number of lives she touches. Clients have wondered why this work is a hidden gem, for many tried numerous things with little results before finding Feldenkrais®! Her dream is for people all over the world to be benefit from Feldenkrais®. She wants to write a book because she feels the world’s urgently calling out for this transformative, healing work. Her long term vision is to have healing centers worldwide with Feldenkrais in the following: school programs (start kids off with tools for life), senior centers/nursing facilities (keeping aging population functioning), and within athletic/dance/music, therapy/work trainings (to prevent repetitive strain). Lisa wants us all to reconnect to the power and joy of the life in movement! You can learn more about her work at