Sarah Mask is an esthetician for 10 years who helps women and men restore, relax, and feel their best. She provides this through a unique combination of professional skincare treatments, waxing, tanning and energy work. Sarah says that it makes her feel good to be an ally for people who are having challenges with their skin. It is her passion to teach people how to take care of their skin and themselves… as a whole so they can glow from the inside out. When people think of corrective skincare they often think immediately of strong peels, retinols, and benzoyl peroxides, to name a few. These treatments and ingredients have been around for a while and can be beneficial in some cases. However, she finds that the best way to really heal the skin is to work with it by nourishing it and teaching clients how to take care of it at home. By boosting the skin’s immunity and taking a holistic approach my clients will see healthy, clear, vibrant skin without the downtime and irritations that have been associated with her industry for too long.

Sarah truly cares about her clients and what is best for them. She thoroughly enjoys making them feel sexy and confident in their own skin, and providing emotional support when they go through a frustrating skin condition. Her goal with this program is to build something BIG on the foundation she’s already set up. She wants to learn how to work smarter and open herself up to new business ideas and success that she didn’t think possible for herself. You can check out all of Sarah’s wonderful offerings at