Sarah Mask

Social media is all about creating a conversation with your audience, but how do you get the conversation going? It is not as easy as it seems. I have gotten into a good flow with the amount of content that I putting out there, but now making it actually “engagable” is the real challenge. Read the full article: Engaging the Humans

Joannee DeBruhl

The PV3 conference and A3 make me dance, but I definitely ain't got no steps.  I'm gonna let the music created by these farmers and my coaches move me around.  This is how I roll anyway.  When the music is right, I can't stop my feet and body from moving. Read the full article: I Ain't Got No Steps


Lisa Ponichter

This week has presented some time to continue working on the tasks of tackling unfinished projects and the decluttering I’ve been doing for my Happiness Project this year.  But from time to time I find that my right knee bothers me and that usually has to do with releasing something.  Sure enough someone contacted me that I had chosen to break away from previously.  Read the full article: Focus, Shift and Adjust in the NOW!

Jill Rios

I have been trying to get this “branding” figured out by myself and after this month’s coaching session I thought I was stepping up to the plate with power in my corner and a perfect strike coming down the shoot.  However I swung and completely missed. Read the full article: Let's Get the Story Behind the Story

Parul Argawal

Parul Argawal