ABUNDANCE AND MASTERPIECES - Incubation and Acceleration

Over the course of 6 to 24 months, we will work closely together to help you create a masterpiece from what you're working on. Our work will focus on one or more of the following areas: creating abundance in money (sales, investments, donations, membership), in reach (brand, exposure, network), in impact (happy customers, new customer demographic, new products and services) and in culture (employee satisfaction, innovation, attracting talent). 

I do NOT offer this program to everyone: if you don't have some of the basic building blocks, I will give you homework to do before we can work together. A client prepared himself for 2.5 years before I offered him a coaching program. One of the key conditions is that you focus a minimum of 50% of work hours to your masterpiece. Before offering this program, you will go through two sessions to assess you and your masterpiece on 9 criteria: 

Conversation #1

  1. Are you inspired by what you do?
  2. Do you work hard and are you diligent in your learning practices?
  3. Do you enjoy getting out of your comfort zone, and doing things that are difficult for you?
  4. Are you open to learn, unlearn and relearn?
  5. Are you ready to commit 200% to your masterpiece?

Conversation #2

  1. Does your idea serve the world?
  2. Is your idea financially viable? 
  3. Is there a market?
  4. Do you have what it takes me to make your idea a success? 

If the answer to these 9 questions is yes, I will offer you to work together. Programs start at $9,000 and range from 6 to 24 months. 


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