Masterpieces to make the world a better place

Entrepreneurs, business owners, business angels and artists who work with me, are mavericks who want to create something big that makes the world a better place. I work exclusively with people who are ready to go beyond themselves and break through barriers to create the most beautiful world their heart knows possible.

Creating money and abundance

"Within 6 weeks of our first coaching, I raised $130,000" - Patryk Wezowski

My clients end up making more money as a result of our coaching, not as the primary purpose. I help my clients make more money because when we create masterpieces, money follows us. I do work with many clients on direct money making skills like sales, marketing, pitching to investors, as well as preparing investment and/or business plans, to help create a masterpiece that makes the world a better place. 

Past client experiences


Business Coaching Programs

Business coaching programs are 12 to 24 months and start at $9,000.

All programs involve a one on one retreat in Costa Rica and regular work via Skype / Phone.

The first conversation is will cost you the time to go deep and answer a few questions below. 

Take the time to go deep: one client had back and forth with me for 2.5 years before I offered him coaching.

If the answer to the following 9 questions is "HELL YEAH!", I will offer you to work together. 

Conversation #1

  1. Are you inspired by what you do?
  2. Do you work hard and are you diligent in your learning practices?
  3. Do you enjoy getting out of your comfort zone, and doing things that are difficult for you?
  4. Are you open to learn, unlearn and relearn?
  5. Are you ready to commit 100% of your attention for a minimum of 40h a week to your masterpiece?

Conversation #2

  1. Does your idea serve the world?
  2. Is your idea financially viable? 
  3. Is there a market?
  4. Do you have what it takes me to make your idea a success? 

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Our relation starts with fearless honesty.