1. Short Application Form

    The first step of your application process is a short form to tell us about your business idea and about yourself.

  2. Interview with Nadia McCullough

    Applicants that have business potential and raise our interest will be interviewed by Nadia, transwoman and co-founder of HiR Transcenders. This first interview is to assess your ability to share your story and talk about your business.

  3. Detailed Business Outline, Investment Plan and Video Interview

    Successful interviews fill in a detailed form that goes through a wide overview of their business, traction, projections, investment needs and strategic plans. Applicants also record a video about their experience as gender non-conforming entrepreneurs to assess their ability to connect with an audience.

  4. Business and Pitch Coaching with Noam Kostucki

    Successful applicants will go through a series of strategic and pitch coaching conversations with Noam Kostucki, non-binary cis-man and founder of HiR Transcenders. The purpose of these coaching sessions is (1) to make the business investment ready and (2) to test the coaching relationship.

  5. First Selection by Investors

    When applicants have answers to all basic questions required by investors and a good pitch, they are presented to investors. Each investor will say whether they are interested or not by each business, and send questions for the entrepreneur.

  6. Payment of the $6,000 tuition

    Applicants that have the most interests investors will be given the questions asked by the investors and offered a place on the program. If money is a problem for you, talk about it with Nadia and Noam, and they will help you find ways to create the money you need.

    Note that there is no guarantee that the investor will make an investment. Parameters may include problems with due diligence or that you refuse the investor’s proposal. Even if investment is not found with the first round of investors, it does not mean everything is lost: one of Noam Kostucki’s coaching client raised $500,000 in 8 weeks (read the story here). Participants will have one year of intense work to grow revenue and continuously pitch to investors. At the end of the year, there will also be a second round of pitching to a larger group of investors.

  7. Start of the Coaching Program and Pitch to Investors

    The coaching program will start with an intensive retreat in Costa Rica to finalize the pitch to investors and prepare to respond to questions about the business. Each entrepreneur will pitch to investors and get an opportunity to talk about the different aspects of the business. Investors will make an offer where they see fit and entrepreneurs will get to negotiate these offers. Investments will take place after investors have conducted their due diligence.

If you struggle to see / fill the form bellow, click on this link: www.bit.ly/transcendersform