I’m obsessed with learning new words: each one opens doors in my mind, gives me a deeper awareness and allows me to think differently

When we name experiences, they become a real at another level because they become a concept we share with others. Without the word “love”, you can feel the emotion, but you can’t communicate it. The moment you can name the feeling “love” and tell someone “I love you”, something magical happens.

We make sense of the world through the words we use. The words we use create the world we live in. We can describe our experiences, our thoughts and our feelings. When we learn a new word, a new concept crystallizes in our mind. When we can name something, it feels like it’s more real.

In Costa Rica, I discovered the expression “Pura Vida” (Spanish for “pure life”). It is the most common expression here in Costa Rica , to the extend that locals say it all the time and really use it for everything:

When I say “Pura Vida”, it reminds me that whatever has happened, is happening, or will happen, it is all perfect the way it is. Now I’ve got a word to convey the feeling that life is perfect the way it is. So every time I say “Pura Vida”, I feel happier because I feel the feeling and I notice that I feel it. When I notice that I don’t feel it, I can remind myself that really everything is perfect the way it is and that every emotion I feel is pure life, no matter whether it is joy or frustration, love or hate… and then I feel Pura Vida again.


If you lived everyday with “Pura Vida” in mind for a week, what would that week look like?


Make a commitment to living with “Pura Vida” in mind for a week. Here’s a few things to do before you start the week:

Write Pura Vida on post-its and stick them around your home and office

Change your computer, mobile phone and tablet background to something that says “Pura Vida” (here’s a few images to save you time: 123456)

Put 3 reminders a day with “Pura Vida” to repeat every day


When your week is over, what difference have you noticed?