Last week, I started a lucid dreaming program. If you’re curious about dreaming, I will share with you today one exercise I was given and the results I got from it because within a few hours of being awake, my mind was blown away.

One of the exercises to increase your ability to lucid dream is to notice “things”. These “things” can be coincidences, synchronicities, or anything that could be interpreted as a message. I practiced this exercise, and here’s what I sent my coach:

First I woke up with a vivid dream. I wouldn’t say “lucid dream” because I wasn’t quite aware that I was dreaming, but more like I knew it wasn’t quite real; that it was like a test. It was fascinating because I remember thinking during the dream “this feels so real”.

[COMMENT: I took the time to notice the dream when I woke up, and moved on to my first task of the day.]

I called my bank (HSBC), because they had fucked up again, and the conversation felt like a dream, because everything worked out without any problems. It felt like I was dreaming. After hanging up, I stopped to look around and literally asked myself “Is this real? Am I dreaming? Am I going to wake up and they’ll tell me it’s all a mistake as usual?”

[COMMENT: I took the time to notice it wasn’t a dream]

Then I went surfing, and for the first time, I felt like a surfer. Like in my fantasies of what a real surfer is, I ran barefoot on rocks and pebbles all the way to the beach without feeling pain. I looked out at the waves. I could see what was happening, and I knew what I was looking for. Then I went into the ocean. I was catching waves, and I stood up almost every time, even though it was too slowly, clumsily and not for very long. Eventually I was surfing, even though it was short and inelegant. It was like I had always dreamed it would be; to surf, and to be a surfer.

As I was noticing how dreamy the surfing was, I saw a brown butterfly in the middle of the ocean; then a yellow one, and then a white one. I remembered what you wrote “If there were specific things, then you would be ‘looking’ rather than “noticing”. Just notice what you notice. Let the magic “talk to you”, and I started laughing. The more I laughed, the more butterflies I could see. I was lying on my board, and I looked around. I was in the middle of the water with a rich blue sky dotted with interesting clouds, and the sun was shining warmly, while being surrounded by hundreds of beautiful butterflies dancing around me like I was in the middle of Fantasia. That was definitely one of these moments where life feels more like a dream than anything else.

[COMMENT: I took the time to notice what felt like a dream, and what felt like being awake]



Answer the following questions:

1. What have you noticed today that felt like a dream?

2. What have you noticed today that felt like reality?

3. What were the differences?


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