In the last 12 months, it seems like I have changed everything:


I’ve changed my wife

I’ve changed my hair

I’ve changed the way I dress

I’ve changed the way my body looks

I’ve changed the way I brush my teeth

I’ve changed what I cook, and what I eat

I’ve changed my habits about cleaning, and washing dishes

I’ve changed where I live

I’ve changed the way I earn money

I’ve changed my view on many important topics

I’ve changed my relationship with women

I’ve changed my relationship towards money

I’ve changed my relationship with myself

… and much more.



A year ago, if I had met myself today I would have thought, “Who the fuck is this guy who pretends to be me? He kind of looks like me, and shares a lot of common stories with me, but he’s not me, for I am me. I know myself very well, and all my friends and client would agree: I’m definitely not the kind of guy who enjoys cleaning, I always keep it to a minimum, and this morning I finally cleaned my apartment after a week, and thought “I’m happy to have found time to be me again, and to get my home nice and clean”. Since I was 15, I rarely ate raw vegetables and fruits, because doctors said my body doesn’t digest them. This guy must have a different digestive system, because he eats raw veg and fruits all the time. He is definitely not me.”

Yet I still refer to this new person as me. And I also refer to the old person as me. 

But the truth is that I am neither of these people: I am ME… and I have no fucking idea who these people are.