If you ever feel like you shouldn't be drinking so much, that you shouldn't be watching TV so much, or that you have to fight any other "bad" habits, re-think where you are putting your energy.

I love smoking and drinking, and eating fried food, and eating chocolate, and watching TV series... and I'm healthier than the vast majority of people (especially those who try so hard to be healthy) and at 30 years old I've created more masterpieces than the vast majority of people.

One of the keys to my success is that I've learned to transform bad habits into something constructive.

You can either fight the bad habits (aka. "reality"), which is equivalent to trying to stop a wave in the ocean from advancing. If you focus your attention on fighting the bad habits, you're wasting precious energy and attention.

Today we will learn how to ride the wave of "bad" habits like a skilled surfer rides a wave gracefully and effortlessly.