With a fast growing population of entrepreneurs, it is increasingly difficult to stand out. Old school marketing methods work less and less because they're being overused. Some entrepreneurs get their message across in a way that inspires customers to buy and investors to part with their money. 

Peter Kwakernaak is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who's business can be described so badly... and so well. When I first saw his pitch deck, despite the great financial successes, I wasn't excited. After working together on his pitch, I finally understood what he was all about. I got inspired because he created an equation in which everyone wins. It is so simple, and so effective.

If you want to tell your story in an inspiring way and/or make money from doing good, he's an entrepreneur to follow. Today we will explore why and how Peter Kwakernaak, founder of AcceptEmail, inspires me.

To connect with Peter: www.linkedin.com/in/peterkwakernaak

AcceptEmail: www.acceptemail.com/