When I dropped out of university, I wrote a document about education. One of the things I mentioned there is creating a space that is suited for learning entrepreneurship and creativity than universities. Three weeks ago an investor in NYC said she wanted to invest in my masterpiece. On my 30th birthday, she confirmed it's a big yes. My dream was finally made possible by this woman. I felt so grateful to her. I could feel during our call that she didn't quite realize how much her "Hell YEAH!" was going to change my life.... but I didn't know quite how much. 

It turns out that the best present I received wasn't her investment but the reminder of who I am. 

I've created so many masterpieces not because someone else gave me the green light and supported my ideas, but because every time I fail, I find a way to succeed... and every time I succeed, I find a way to fail something bigger. 

What is the biggest thing you want to fail? 

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