For 10 years, the main question I've been asked was "how do I make more money?"

I made money by helping people make money. It made a lot of sense, and it was comforting: I always knew exactly what my work was worth. The more money the client makes, the more money I make. 

When helping people make money, I'd take introduce topics like who we are, serving the world, awareness, meditation, and wellbeing... when they served the purpose of making money.

In the last few month, most people asked for help with experiencing life more vividly, enlightenment, and magic... without the need for a direct answer to "how does it help me make more money?"

The less time I talk about making money, the more it is fun to hear clients tell me they're surprised that talking about who we are and how we experience life most often results in making money more effortlessly.

People who want enlightenment and happiness are no better than those who want money: we all ask the same question "how do I get the best return on my investment in the game of life?".

The answer shifts where we focus our attention and how we create intentions (see here): 

1. We focus on money... as a way to be happy

2. We focus on enlightenment / happiness... and as an indirect result money is created

In my world, the second conversation is a lot more interesting because it opens doors to beautiful conversations in the unknown. It's much hard to put a financial value to what I do today... and so much easier to feel the impact, meaning and significance of the conversations I have.

I love hearing clients say "I had been waiting to have this conversation for many years", "I have never been this honest with anyone... including myself" and "I'm now seeing the value of finding true happiness doing what I love".

When you're thinking about hiring a coach, here's two methods to decide what coaching is worth to you. Each one will focus your attention differently. Both will give you a valid and interesting answer. 

Keep learning, keep shining, 


How to calculate the value of coaching from a...

... Newtonian perspective?

1. Decide how much you want to make. 

If you want help making an extra $50k a year, assuming you work for another 10-40 years, you will gain $500,000 to $2,000,000. 

2. Decide how much you want to invest upfront. 

Based on the lower estimation from above, make your calculation of what percentage of this money is worth investing: 10% is $50k, 5% is $25k, 1% is $5k. Now you have your coaching budget. 

3. Decide how you use your budget. 

Price for learning can vary widely. It can go from very small amount to very large ones. Make a list of everything you want help with, then for every item note whether it is urgent and/or important. Invest in what's urgent and important.

... Magical perspective?

1. Decide on your playing budget.

Start by looking at how much money you have and deduct all the costs you have already made a commitment for / don't want to go without (eg. rent, phone bills, food, etc). From what's left, what percentage do you want to spend on creating magic in your life? That's your playing budget.

2. Focus your attention on the magic you want to create.

Now take the time to focus your attention on everything you want to create / happen in your life. Take the time to dream and fantasize. This is your learning map. 

3. Choose your guides

Now that you have a learning map, find people who can help with your adventures and journeys. Ask your network and look online. Tell the guides about your learning map and decide which can help you best on your adventure based on your budget.