The older I got, the more scared I grew not earning enough money. The more money I was potentially to make from a client, the more likely I was to drop everything and do whatever it took to please them. The more scared I was about money, the more I bent over for potential clients.

If enough money was potentially on the table, I would re-arrange all my meetings and plans, and do what was needed not to disappoint them.

My life grew more and more confusing: I had made agreements with myself and others, and the perspective of making lots of money would cancel my previous agreements. The value of words had become dictated by money. I worked like a low class prostitute: for whoever had enough money to use my brain, I’d dress in a suit, shave and do whatever they asked so that I got the contract.

I had become a Gold Digger.

Gold Diggers do whatever it takes to get money from clients.

As a Gold Digger, I failed with my commitment to nurture my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit. One of the consequences was major pains in my back, neck and eyes. At age 25, I felt like I was 90.

Then I regained confidence in myself. I moved to Costa Rica and re-learned to make my words a powerful commitment. I learned to let go of the fear of not making enough money, and replaced it with the love I always had to serve people. That’s when I remembered that the most important person for me to love is… me. As a result I made commitments to myself that nobody - no matter how much money they put on the table - would be able to compromise. Like when I was a teenager and didn’t need money, I started dictating conditions to clients that fit with what I knew would serve me and them best… even if it wasn’t what they asked for.

The more I dictated my conditions with love and confidence, the stronger my internal commitment grew. The deeper my internal commitment grew, the less conflicts I felt within myself. As a result, clients started to pay me more, get better results and I was happier.

I re-learned to be a Gold Creator.

Gold Creators do whatever they know is their best for others and themselves, without compromise.

Gold Creators commit to serving without fear of a potential client walking away. In order to serve others fearlessly, Gold Creators’ number 1 commitment is to love and serve themselves first.

Gold Creators' number 2 commitment is to serve others with the same commitment and love they give themselves. Gold Creators have less internal conflicts because they have grown a strong hierarchy of commitments.

Whenever we feel a conflict within our commitments, it is an awesome opportunity refocus on service and love.

If you want to explore your internal commitments, and where you can shift from being a Gold Digger to being a Gold Creator, send me a private message.

Keep unfolding, keep shining,