You know how sometimes you don't like something, then when you don't have it for a long time you realize how much you missed it. 

For the last 9 months I haven't experienced the sensation of "being cold" because in the part of Costa Rica I live in its around 30° / 86 F all year long, day and night. I sleep every night naked without a cover. If anything sometimes I turn on a fan or A/C to cool down the room a bit. 

Where I live, heat makes some travelers miserable: they're sweating and overheat.  

Yesterday, I arrived in San Jose (capital of Costa Rica) and here it's significantly colder (22° / 71 F) so wore a t-shirt all day. 

When I went to bed, and tucked myself under the many blankets, I remembered my days in Poland, Belgium, the UK and NYC.

I especially remember the many people who say they LOVE the cold, and who say that they love when it's cold outside and they're under a warm duvet. 

I didn't like it but that memory made me smile and warmed me a bit. I thought: it's been such a long time, I'm going to love it... I'll realize in the morning how much I missed this. 

Holy fucking shit I was soooooo wrong!!!

In the middle of the night I woke up because I needed to pee. That's when I realized that under these blankets, I was sweating like a camembert in use sun. Then I got out of bed a realized how cold it got outside and I felt my dick shrink in before my body started shivering. Then I went to the bathroom and the tiles were cold so my feet were now freezing, too.

I ran back to bed and put myself under the blankets hoping for some happiness... But all I found is a sweaty cold bed. I was lying under the blankets and the outside of my body was overheating... While my bones were freezing cold. 

That's when I realized I hate having to protect myself from my environment. I hate having to put layers of protections between me and the world... And that's exactly what these blankets are.

And I'm now noticing these layers of protection everywhere: I much prefer being topless and barefoot because I can see my actual body, and feel the ground. I've been wearing clothes for 1 day and it shocked me that I can't see my own body... All I could see is the protection layer someone created to protect myself from the cold and to protect my image as an elegant / tasteful guy. 

If you love the cold and clothes, good for you :) I'm not saying people who like the cold or clothes are bad people. I'm just sharing my experience because you may find a way to translate some of what I learned into your own world.

This whole experience taught me about how important it is for me to live without a layer separating / protecting me from the world. 

That's why I hated having to "look professional": it was a layer of protection. That's why I hated that my ex-wife wouldn't admit we met on a sex dating website: it was a layer of protection because "respectable people don't do that". That's why I hated being told a university degree is lie a safety net: it's just another layer of protection. 

The movie "The Walk" recalls the true story of the French guy who walked between the twin towers in NYC in 1974 (actual footage here:

There's a scene during which the main character is told by his mentor to use a protection wire. He looks at him and asked "would you wear one?" and gets no answer because as much as the mentor wants to protect his student, he can't lie to him.

 If there is not chance the die, it's not significant.

 Anyone who has done something significant, has put everything on the line (Rosa Parks risked being sent to jail or worst).

People who create masterpieces are ready to risk all their money (Steve Jobs spent around 7 years and almost went bankrupt to create Pixar and Next).

 People who change the world are ready to put their life and reputation at risk (Edward Snowden had a safe and very promising job, and put his freedom on the line for everyone else's). 

The way you so anything, is the way you do everything. 

I used to protect myself in many ways, I every day I look for ways in which I still do. The latest realization was that I protect my reputation by only saying things that were "acceptable" for the kind of clients I work with. Then I published a video about "my beef with vegetarians" because I was worried a client would notice I was high like a kite, or that I would upset people, or that I'd look back in 5 years and think "what an idiot I was". Then I published the video and it's been the most viewed in 24h in at least 2 months.

My fear and trying to protect myself was limiting me. 

Where are you protecting yourself in a way that stops you from creating masterpieces and change the world?