I'm writing this because I have tears and my heart is hurting. 

I'm sad and angry. 

I mentored a 19 year girl from Nepal who's the first in her family to go to university. She is an inspiring young woman. After the earthquake in Nepal, she put her needs in the background so that she could focus her attention on helping high school students who had lost everything. 

This morning I heard that she's dying in hospital with Acute Respiratory Distress because her parents are poor and can't afford to pay the hospital bills. 

There are at least 6 people and 2 international charities who want to help them. We all offered to send her money. 

Her parents refused our money because they feel uncomfortable about receiving a gift from strangers. 

This girl is DYING because her parents are closed to receiving a gift. 

There are now over 10 people in motion to try to help her parents OPEN to receiving our gift, and to get them to understand that they won't owe us anything. 

I have tears as I write this email because it always makes me so sad when I see people who have pain yet reject help.

In this case it pisses me off even more because they're refusing help that could save the life of their child!! 

I see people refusing gifts all the time. I see people refusing help all the time. And I've grown to accept some people don't want to be helped, or it's not the right time for them to receive help... but this is beyond my comprehension right now... 

... how can one's pride be so fucking big that they can't see that it's killing their daughter?! 

My heart hurts, I have tears, I feel helpless, and I want to help her.

As a take a step back, there is one of the things we can all do to stop this cycle of madness regardless of what happens.

Goingback to our lives and open ourselves to receiving a gift.

Who is one person whose help you've refused?

Go back, apologize, and open your heart to receiving.