I was asked "I don't live in the jungle like you: I'm in a big city and I work a lot so I have little time... how do I get fit like you?"

You can be fit anywhere in any conditions... and if done properly, it takes little time, no money or no facilities / equipment.

I maintained good fitness and health over 12 years while changing home over 25 times. I lived in major cities like London and NYC, and I lived in places with no facilities like a palm tree village in Morocco. I lived in cold places like Warsaw, and hot cities like Istanbul. There were times I was so poor I couldn't buy rice, and there were times I had money to pay for sports classes, activities or gym memberships (eg. judo, indoor rock climbing, MMA, personal trainer, etc). And through all these changes, I found ways of being fit and healthy.

I'm an engineer by background, which feeds perfectly in my lazy world: I spend a lot of time figuring out how to do things effortlessly. All it takes to be fit and healthy is focusing your attention in being smart and efficient with your mind, body and food intake.

In this video, you will see the last version of my basic routine. The recording of this video is 20 min of exercise, and it can be extended to 30, 40 or 60 min by repeating the sets.

IMPORTANT: I developed this routine over 6 years, and it is ONE of many physical activities that I do. This routine evolves depending on where I live, what my body needs, my other physical activities and my work routine. This routine didn't start as intense as it is now. For example, I only discovered I could do one-hand handstand in the last 9 months and I've started practicing the finger pushups only about 4 months ago.