Today the video comes before the text. Watch, then read.

I made that video while walking to a night club. I was so lonely I needed to meet people, or at least feel my body move. The entrance of the club looked dodgy, uninspiring and there was an entrance fee.

I was lonely and miserable so I thought "what the fuck am I doing here? am I really going to dance and meet people when I'm feeling so low?".

I almost went back home... then thought "fuck it... I'm already here, let's give it a shot".

I arrived and it was the lamest club I'd ever been to. Nobody was dancing and I was about to walk out without thinking twice, then I remembered why I was there.

I decided to dance with all my heart out before going home, even tough I was the only one person on the dance floor. I danced alone like that for almost 1h and felt better. I was about to leave because I was still feeling lonely, then some dude with suspenders and a lolipop started dancing with me.

At first I was a bit weirded out and didn't know what to do. He turned out to be a beautiful person who always wanted to have a good time. We danced, talked and joked around for a good while. I was happy and I had forgotten about my loneliness, then we went to grab a beer and a gorgeous looking woman slipped her number in my pocket.

When I spoke with her and her shy friend, they turned out to be beautiful people, too. I continued dancing, talking and joking around. I was having a great time, and I was so grateful that I went out of my depth and did what was most uncomfortable.

Then the 2 girls invited me to spend the night together, and I woke up in bliss because 3 beautiful people walked into my life in the most magical way.

The next day I was finishing a 1 year coaching program with JP Morgan (, and the above experience was a direct result of my work with him.

No matter how shitty a situation was or how much of a victim I felt like, he asked about every situation "how did YOU create this situation?". It was often frustrating because it would have been so much easier to blame others.

This uncomfortable practice taught me that every time I admit to myself that something is wrong, that I don't feel good, it opens a door that no complaing and whining will ever open.

After exploring how I created this miserable situation, JP would ask what is the most unreasonable / uncomfortable thing you can do from that place of being. He then inspired me to do that very thing I didn't want to do.

As a result of doing that uncomfortable thing, magic always happened, one way or another.

If you're curious to see this works in practice, take 15 min to answer these 3 questions:

- What is one thing about which you feel unhappy / miserable / sad / angry?

- How did YOU create that situation?

- What would be the most unreasonable / uncomfortable thing you can do to change what YOU created?