If you're interested in the mind, the brain, how we operate and how we experience life, I can't recommend enough that you learn about Dr. Fehmi's work on attention. "Paying" attention is what we do all the time.

When I first learned about how "paying" attention works, my ex-wife who's an accountant told me it was mind-spirit bullshit. A few weeks later she got an ice-hockey injury: a puck fractured her collar bone. Doctors gave her painkillers but they didn't do much. I offered to try using the theory of attention (open focus) to help her dissolve the pain. Within 10 minutes it was completely gone. She was blown away: she stopped taking the painkillers and we repeated the procedure every day until it had healed completely.

I met Dr. Fehmi in Princeton at the Biofeedback Institute. Dr. Les Fehmi is over 80 years and with his wife Susan Fehmi, they've done amazing work for over 50 years. 

During my 3rd visit to the Fehmi's, I brought my camera with me because their work and stories ought to be shared. 

Enjoy the show :)