"Hey Noam,

I'd like to thank you for the guidance you gave me. I never really thanked you. Recently I have been seeing the values of finding true happiness doing what you love. If it doesn't work out at the beginning, shit, you're doing what you love, be happy about it. If it works out, be happy, you're doing what you love and you're gaining off of it.

Thank you for that rock that marked a stepping stone down the path i've been taking.


James was working for someone else, and during his free time, he was playing with beautiful graphics, videos and photography. He showed them to me and I loved them right away. There was something magical about his creations. I could see so much potential for him to create videos that would impact millions. 

We spoke at lengths and he wanted to make the leap of faith, but he stalled. He wasn't ready to make the jump. He wanted to, but didn't do it. 

Until now. 

And now is the perfect time.

I have never heard of anyone say "I wish I had waited longer to start doing what I really love". 

Everyone I know waited "too long" to do what they really love / want to do.

And I am no different. 

Every time I do more what I love / want to do, I ask myself "why did I wait for so long to do this?"

We can all learn from James because we are all like him somewhere in our lives.  


Where are you stalling to do what you love / what you want?


You can learn more about James W McKee here.