What is HiR?


"HiR" is the integration of opposites: Him and Her. When we integrate opposites, magic happens. HiR is also Human Intelligence Redefined. When we redefine the way we think, we change the world around us.


HiR is a place in which you have to worry about nothing else but yourself, and what you want to create in the world. Imagine a place where you can disconnect from all the noise, and reconnect with yourself. A place in nature where you can take some time off, rest, heal, and look after yourself. A magical space which feeds your mind and spirit with exciting ideas, and where you learn to increase your contribution in the world, to make your dream projects reality and to create masterpieces.


HiR sounds like "here" because it is a place that always exists inside ourselves and come back to where ever we are.


So, how did I get HiR?


My name is Dominika, and I met Noam 10 years ago, back in 2006. I was 18, in my first year of uni, and both of us were full of passion and ideals on how to help this world become a better place. Both of us were also working as volunteers, creating a training seminar in the middle of far-away land, somewhere in the woods of Slovakia. People came from all across the Europe to learn for 4 days about communicating and public speaking. I was leading the organising team and Noam was one of the trainers. Together, we have created magic. Many of the participants said it was one of the best experiences of their life. 


All tribes have rituals to become adult. For me it was 3 years of living in London, finding my voice and independence in the sea of overly ambitious suits. I learned about the dark and bright corners of the business world from perspective of a headhunter. Being fed up with the city life, I decide to travel across Asia for 2 years. I got lost many times, and I learned about spirituality and God somewhere between Buddhist meditation retreats and psy-trance parties. I worked on a startup in Thailand, which failed faster than a noodle falls from my chopsticks. I decided to settle down at home in Slovakia for a bit and dedicate time to my calling - photography, graphic design, and videos. As a result, with the help of friends, we gave birth to a baby - Amallia. Amallia is a creative multi-purpose space in Slovakia, with a main focus on photo/video studio. 


Earlier this year, Noam answered to his calling as well, and he started to search for a land where he could continue growing and expanding his coaching business. I have always believed in him, and I decided to become the first investor in his project. Also, I decided to come over to Costa Rica, contribute with all I have and continue to create magic. It is just couple of months later and we are standing in his 3000 m2 jungle, which holds inside never-ending potential for magical opportunities to unfold.


Welcome HiR.


HiR Food

In the beginning was the Food, and the Food was with God, and the Food was God.  

We believe, that the way you eat, is the way you live your life. In HiR, eating is an art, and we are going to keep sharing the most beautiful and delicious meals. We will share our food porn online and very soon, in just couple of weeks, you will be able to taste our creations in our brand new HiR restaurant.


HiR Retreat

Beyond food, HiR is jungle adventure for lucid living. It is a retreat during which you are invited to experience life differently. For the time of the retreat, all distractions and noise will be removed so that you can focus on what is most important. Your experience will be enhanced by activities, experiences, workshops and conversations you can choose to attend, and there will be spaces for you to be alone when you want to. 


HiR Living

In the future, we will invite creators and remote entrepreneurs to experience HiR in long-term. You will be able to redefine yourself and your creations over a period of several months, unfolding the life you have always wanted and grow your career. This program is an incubator / accelerator mainly for entrepreneurs who run online businesses, with focus on nature and the environment. 


HiR Learning

We believe that anyone who wants to learn ought to be given the opportunity, no matter where they live and no matter how much money they have to attend courses. That's why we will always share free high quality learning so that you can experience HiR from anywhere. Through HiR Learning, anyone can get new insights and practice the exercises that clients travel to Costa Rica for. 

HiR we are, 10 years later.

In the middle of a far-away land, somewhere in the jungle of Costa Rica. Both me and Noam, with tens of thousands of kilometers traveled, with more wisdom, achievements and failures to be proud of. With plenty of wounds and scars and still, full of passion and ideals on how to help this world become a better place.

If you want to know how this story continues and see updates about HiR Food, HiR Retreat, HiR Living and HiR Learning, follow our HiR Facebook page.

Pura Vida.

- Dominika