Understanding and expanding your business beliefs

The way you see the world is not actually how the world is. Perception is not reality. The more you understand that, the more choices you have on how to deal with different situations and what happens to you and your company.

Companies like Kodak and Leman Brothers have gone bankrupt while Apple and Facebook thrive because of the decisions made.

To understand the business decisions you make, first you want to understand how perception affects decisions. When you understand the business beliefs drive you, you will understand better your mistakes and your successes. When you understand how each member of your executive board individually takes decisions, you will know what is missing in your team.

Compendium is a tool for business leaders, executive coach and strategy consultants to understand better the business believes that drive the company you want to improve.

Foreword by Richard Cullen, ex-General Manager of VISA Europe who explains how VISA grew from $1 billion turnover to $7.5 trillion.

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