9 Principles to elevate everything to an art form

"The things that are least important to our survival are the very things that make us human" - Savas Dimopoulos, Theoretical Physicist Stanford University

If you want to see everything you do as an expression of who you are, this workbook will guide you the beginning of the journey. 

As a result of working with this guide, you will understand better what a masterpiece means for you, and you will take concrete actions to plant seeds for the creation of your masterpiece. 

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GAIN MOMENTUM - By taking actions from this workbook, you will build momentum, like pulling back a bowstring, for the creation of your masterpiece. 

FOCUS YOUR PURPOSE - You will act purposefully. You will understand the reasons behind the actions you take. 

CREATE A FRAMEWORK - You will understand 9 principles to act on in order to progress with how you view the world and your masterpiece. 

GROW YOUR AWARENESS - You will begin observing the world more widely and more in-depth. 

LAY FOUNDATION - You will have built a basis for your masterpiece.