How do you want to meditate?

What if meditation wasn't a boring task to reach "peace"? What if, instead, your experience of meditation was fun and exciting? What if it was like exploring a new world? 

Many people have problems with meditation, particularly because they feel they're not 'doing it right'. And truth is: nobody wants to just sit in silence doing nothing. 

Meditation is not a sausage machine. Each one of our unique personalities and life path requires different meditation techniques. 

I created this 10 days online meditation program to help both beginners and experienced meditators to expand their meditation vocabulary. Through this program, you will explore a number of different types of meditation.

Let's not forget the cherry on the cake for this program: once you've played with the various types of meditation, you will create your own personally tailored meditation. 

The Online Meditation Program

The 10 days of meditation takes place over the course of 2 weeks.

The sessions last 1h and are conducted through Zoom (via computer, phone or tablet)

Sessions take place from Monday to Friday from 6.00 to 7.00 am Costa Rica time.  

To maintain the quality of the interactions, there will not be more than 6 people on this program.

  • Monday, June 13th: Art of Meditation
  • Tuesday,  June 14th: Sensation Meditation
  • Wednesday,  June 15th:  Space Meditation
  • Thursday,  June 16th: Thought Meditation
  • Friday, June 17th: Gratefulness meditation

Weekend: Take action based on meditations

  • Monday, June 20th: Discomfort Meditation
  • Tuesday, June 21st: Contrast Meditation
  • Wednesday, June 22nd: Creative Meditation
  • Thursday, June 23rd: Tailored Meditation
  • Friday, June 24th: Meditating over Meditation
Online Meditation
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How many hours do I need to practice outside of the online sessions? 

The recommended practice is 2h a day on top of the online sessions. The minimum practice to see any growth is 1h a day of meditation on top of the online sessions. You can meditate in blocks of 10 min to 1h: whatever works for you.

Can I do this program if I have never meditated before? 

Yes, this is a perfect introduction for people who have never meditated before. We will cover the basics and work our way up. This said, be ready to practice outside of the online sessions. 

What if I can't afford the program?

If you make less than $30k / year, you can apply for a scholarship. Tell me about why this program is important for you, what you want to create in the world and what are your best at. 

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