Everyone has the ability to go beyond themselves. Everyone can create masterpieces.

The Initiation is an email coaching program that helps you steer the course of your life on a path that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

This course will help you begin to express that ability through smart questioning and bold action.

The course is made of 11 chapters. Each chapter will explore a different aspect of your masterpiece. As a result, your life will change. 

Dan's distraction

"My journey began with an online invitation to apply for an amazing job. I was a student in Malta at the time and I wanted to write, to create, to really do something with the hand I was dealt in life. However, I dreamed too much and acted too little. I didn’t even know how to summon the will to do what I loved most - writing.

The moment I saw the job application I became incredibly excited. If I got the job, I was to work with Noam Kostucki - a masterpiece coach who inspired people to get up and live their dreams. My dream was to inspire others – it was unreal, it was exactly what I wanted.

The next thing I did was to to ignore the application and keep myself distracted for days." 

Nazia's baggage

"On my journey I’ve had many failures and every time I took a step forward, something pulled me back ten folds.

I tried to please a lot of people on the way, especially my Asian parents who did not see being a personal fitness trainer as a career. They were my biggest weakness and still to this day they will tell me to get a proper job.

My fear held me back, I made tons of excuses, some days I felt so lost and hopeless, I lost love for myself , felt ugly, lonely and ended up being a burden on those close to me, became toxic and had no motivation for anything. My hardest days were probably admitting I needed some help."


"I began what was to be three weeks of work on a video application – but the work was really on my confidence. When I looked at the first version with my friends, we all saw a nervous, fidgeting kid who didn’t really believe in what he was saying.

One of my friends looked at me very seriously and said:

‘Why don’t you come clean?’

The question terrified me. I didn’t really understand it, but it was obvious that it hit something deep in me. I didn’t know what to do but I followed my intuition. Life is not a straight road and neither do you walk it alone:

I came clean by talking about my immense fear of commitment to the girl I was seeing at the time.

Overcoming that fear gave me the courage to do the second version, and then the third and final version of the video."


"My change began when my sister introduced me to Noam Kostucki, a masterpiece coach. I was looking for help because my Fitness business was going terribly and I was still living with my parents, and at the time he didn’t do coaching for individuals.

I helped him understand his back problems and created a personalized training program for him and at that point, he saw something in me.

He said he would take me on as a client if I agreed to one condition: To share my story with the world. Others seeing my flaws was one of my greatest fears, but I committed."


"A week after I sent my application, I was invited for an interview. I could hardly believe it. I had done it. I was still me, the fear had not left me, I still had doubts, but I did it.

A month later, I got the job. I was incredibly happy and proud of myself, my family was proud, my friends were proud: For the first time in a long time I had really wanted something, worked hard for it, and got it.

Soon after, Noam had invited me to go meet him an ocean away in Costa Rica, and I accepted. I was as excited as I was scared: the journey had just begun."


"My turning point in the fight was when I found out that I already knew exactly how to run my business. 

In a coaching session, Noam asked me: 

“If your business was a client of yours, what would you do with your business?”

I was confused at first

“How can my business be a personal training client?” 

Noam explained:

Money is food because money is the energy the business needs to move.

Sales and marketing is working out because it builds strength.

Strategy, planning and admin work was doing cardio work because it builds long term resistance.

Learning and personal development was like stretching because it makes the mind more flexible.

And so on. 

There was a long silence and at the end of it I said: “For the first time, I understand my business and I know what to do.’"

These are the stories of two people's initiations into creating the life they want. 

You can see the result of Nazia's journey on her website and follow her story unfold day by day on her Facebook page.

Like you, Nazia and I have fears and joys. 

We admitted our fears, asked for help in facing them and acted. 

We chose to make our story one of joy and passion.

This course was created by Noam Kostucki, who has been helping people create masterpieces for over 10 years, and by me, Dan. 

I saw the impact of Noam's work on me. I saw my life change, and as a result everything changed around me. 

I have poured all the love and experience I have gained since my invitation into this course, so that you can begin living your own story. 

This my gift to you: I invite you to take your first step in creating your masterpiece.

Romanian executive said

"The invitation attracted me because it was a challenge to myself. A quest of my inner desires. It was also comforting to know that there would be guidance along the way. When I was doing the course, I felt like, for a change, I was doing something for myself.'

As a result of taking the course, this executive got the confidence to talk with the main stockholder of his company about benefits that he hadn't received for years. The Stockholder agreed to pay the full 12.000 Euro of late benefits."

A journalist said

"I signed up for your course to get inspired to do things I want to do and how to go about it and I know of no better person than you to help. I found enough of myself in me again to walk away from my partner and his emotional and verbally abusive ways. I had stayed with him for too long, now I have wings and I am free of him and his chains and it feels good!! One of those things was to be happy and I wasn't clearly. I don't think you can get better feedback that it gave me the strength to leave an abusive relationship!"

An actress said

"What has changed basically is regaining confidence in myself, I am my masterpiece and regaining that was a huge step forward."

A Czech student said

"The invitation helped me face the harsh practicalities of living the way I want: planning for money, making and keeping to a schedule - I found it impossible to face these things before."


The course is made of 11 chapters. Each chapter will explore a different aspect of your masterpiece. As a result, your life will change. 

You can do this course from anywhere because everything is done entirely online.

For every chapter of this course, you will receive a link to a page similar to this one.

At the end of each chapter, there is a questionnaire to synthesize your learning. Once you complete it, you will receive a link to the next chapter. 

Each page will have smart questions and bold actions to trigger your thinking.

The more time spent on the actions you have chosen, the faster you will grow.

When you complete the course, you will have spent a minimum of 15h working towards your Masterpiece.

Your investment for this program is £35 / $45

Before you make that payment, you must first complete an application challenge.

Answering these questions will help you understand if this program is for you. Answering these questions is the first step towards creating your masterpiece. 

Within 20 minutes, you will receive an e-mail to complete the payment.

Do you want to initiate the creation of your Masterpiece? (YES/NO are both perfect answers)

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