You will go through a journey of 7 different courses, designed to work together like chapters of a story. Every dish is integrates with each other to create a coherent experience. 

You will be surprised, and leave having tasted things you haven't tried before. You will also learn about new ingredients and flavor profiles.

verywhere possible, our produce are organic and locally sourced. With only 8 seats, each guests receives 100% of the chef's attention.

This adventure was created by Head Chef Noam Kostucki who spoke at Harvard University, TED and wrote 3 books about creating masterpieces.

TIME: 4.30 - 8.30pm

MENU: 7 course menu with fish and no meat - $75 per person

DRINKS: $15 for 1 glass of sparkling wine plus 2 glasses of white wine or $10 cork right per bottle 

RESERVATION ONLY - Minimum 2 people - Call (+506) 84 16 10 10 or send us a message on the HiR Facebook page