Timelapse & Photography

I fell in love with timelapse photography, because it enables us to see the beauty happening in the world, even though it is hidden to the naked eye. Movement of the clouds or stars is so slow, that they seem like they are standing in one place. Thanks to technology, we are able to watch this beautiful dance in the sky and in my workshop I would like to share this new way of looking at the world.

Movement & Stability

For many years I was spending a lot of time in the office, in front of a computer and I've always felt there has to be some other way how I can use my body. Originally, I picked up hula-hoop as a fitness thing, only later on, I've discovered it is a great tool to connect with myself, how I feel, express what is inside, and even get over stressful times, when the only thing I want is just to let go and dance, and there is no dance partner around.

Thanks to hula-hoop, slackline and other flow arts I've learned to be really focused, in this exact moment and I would love to share this sometimes impossible to achieve skill in easy & fun way. 

Hula Hoop Light Trails photography on BoredPanda