Noam Kostucki unfolds masterpieces. He works with entrepreneurs and artists who raise funds, business owners who grow companies and investors who create a legacy. His work has been featured at Harvard, Stanford Technology Venture Program and TED. He appears in the Coaching Movie and he is the co-host of a VoiceAmerica radio show for Health & Wellness entrepreneurs. More about Noam Kostucki here.


Started meditation 15 years ago, explored over 10 different types of meditations, create tailored meditations for clients, 2 x 10 days silent meditation retreat


Black belt in Judo at 16, Silver Medal for Judo Brussels Championship, Trained the Bristol University Judo Club, Practiced Judo for 23 years in Belgium, South Korea, UK, Turkey, Poland and USA.


Photography featured at the European Union Innovation Conference, at exhibitions in the UK and Belgium, Photos sold in the USA, Belgium, UK and France, received awards for photography


Gave lectures at Harvard University on Entrepreneurship, 1st book on Personal Branding is required reading at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC (ranked #6 fashion school in the world), coached a client to raise $500,000 in 8 weeks, coached Esther Perel to give the 30th most viewed TED talk (sex in long term relationships), received the UK Business Speaker of the Year runner up award