This masterpiece is a magical place called Hir (H, I, R), which is an integration of opposites. It also stands for Human Intelligence Redefined. Hir also sounds like here, and here is everywhere. Hir is designed for people to yield into the kind of behaviors that create high performance and abundance. Hir is designed to master 10 art forms necessary to the creation of a masterpiece. Everything about Hir is a tool to grow and challenge one’s way of thinking. Even the logo has so many multiplicities of reality that it contains the framework for the entire 10 days program.

In May 2014. I shifted my business from training and consulting to online coaching. In 6 months, I made over 100 coaching calls and by January 2015 I was refusing clients. By the end of the year, five of my clients had an impact on over 236 million people worldwide.

Now that I work with clients who are investors, executives of multinational corporations and business owners, they want fast change. They want high impact intense programs that give them the highest return on their investment. To give them a different kind of thinking, I am giving them a different kind of environment.

I found the perfect plot of land in Tamarindo, I have the design for the construction, the initial budget, a full financial forecast and 4 levels of contingencies as well as a bankruptcy plan.

Over the last 2 years, I have invested $100,000 of my company’s revenues and my personal money to make this project possible. I am investing the last $40,000 of my personal money and I am committing all of my company’s profits to create this masterpiece.

I am looking for a $400K loan at 6% interest,
I have already received commitment for $100k

*This loan is secured against the land and my company.