What is Hir

Hir is a place in which you have to worry about nothing else but yourself, and what you want to create in the world.  Image a place where you can disconnect from all the noise, and reconnect with yourself. A place in nature where you can take some time off, rest, heal, and look after yourself. A magical space which feeds your mind and spirit with exciting ideas, and where you learn to increase your contribution in the world, to make your dream projects reality and to create masterpieces. 


"Hir" is the integration of opposites: Him and Her. When we integrate opposites, magi happens. Hir is also Human Intelligence Redefined. When we redefine the way we think, we change the world around us. Hir sounds like "here" because it is a place that always exists inside ourselves and come back to where ever we are.  

Hir's jungle adventure for lucid living is a retreat during which you are invited into a different life. For the time of the retreat, all distractions and noise will be removed so that you can focus on what is most important. Your experience will be enhanced by activities, experiences, workshops and conversations you can choose to attend, and there will be spaces for you to be alone when you want to. 

benefits of lucid living

  • You will experience life with an expanding consciousness 
  • You will notice more of what's happening inside of yourself, outside of yourselves and what you can create in the world
  • You will integrate opposites so that life becomes a richer experience
  • You will express yourself in the world through who you are and what you do
  • You will increase the probably of synchronicity
  • You will reconnect the disconnected parts of your lives, and disconnect the parts of your lives it is time to let go of
  • You will feel more present while feeling at peace with your past, and excited about your future
  • You will understand where you are within our own life and choose where you're going next based on the most beautiful world your heart knows possible