"When are we meditating again? Wow I had a big personal breakthrough yesterday, fixed some relationship things, and am ready to rock and roll." - Sandra Malhotra

"I feel more clarity - more centred - stronger in everything!" - Liz Bylett

"Noam is a winning combination of brutal honesty, humour, constant curiosity and natural sensitivity.” - Leah Cox

“He is an absolute goldmine of knowledge which he imparts articulately, readily and with great humour. He is an extremely personable and enthusiastic” - Philip Holmes

Each conversation is blocked for 2h and takes place via Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

Fee for these explorations = $250 / £188 

*I also offer a limited number of Pay What You Can sessions for people who really cannot afford full-fee. Don’t let money stand between us. If you are willing to go deep together, I’ll do what I can regardless of money.

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