I identify as a queer disabled spiritual transgender man and pure empath, as well as an entrepreneur who is a born and raised New Yorker. My journey to finding myself became a conscious choice at the age of 14, when I came out as bisexual, but the even larger and more impactful challenges, and changes came later. At the age of 24, I experienced a severe trauma, as well as a really bad infection, which turned my world upside-down. I quickly became disabled due to chronic illness. While bedridden for nearly 10 months, I came to a lot of realizations. I promised myself if I ever got out of bed, I was going to live an authentic and overall happier life.

Queue my move to Los Angeles. In early 2018, I packed up my car and drove my cats across the country to move to Los Angeles with one main goal – to save my life so I could in turn, save others, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. I immediately began to implement a plan and arrange my life so I could focus on both my health and my calling to help the beautifully diverse community I love so much. I trained as and became an Overnight Crisis Worker on the suicide and crisis lifeline at The Trevor Project, a nationally acclaimed LGBTQ+ organization with the mission to end suicide.

Since I worked overnights, I utilized the daytime to focus on my health. One of the large reasons I chose L.A. was for the cannabis industry hub it has become. Cannabis and hemp saved my life. My connection to cannabis inspired me to found Blunt Broz, which has become my main focus. Living with a #Trannabis state of mind, through Blunt Broz I work to bring together the LGBTQ+ and cannabis communities by way of education, activism, and influential marketing. I engage via various social media platforms, videos on The Weed Tube, being a Sales Representative for Pride Wellness and Giggle Therapeutics, Purple Haze Radio, and in person at events. Blunt Broz, the first cannabis brand of its kind, has enabled me to pave the way for others in the trans community who have a vested interest in the “green rush”.

Now I’m thrilled to be joining the HiR TRANSCENDER team; to bring an array of experiences and a unique perspective to the table. The stars have aligned so that now I am working to build a million dollar investment fund for trans entrepreneurs across the globe.