I identify as a transgender female. As many gender creative people do, I struggled with my identity at an early age. At 16 I came out as a gay male which was my first major transition in life.

During this transition my income came from a number of different short lived jobs. I worked in retail, I was a server, a barista, I worked helping Katrina victims. Throughout that time I learned social skills, customer relations, time management, sales, and patience. Above all the most important thing I learned was. No matter what happens, always be true to yourself.

My second major transition was at age 23. I decided to introduce the woman I knew I was inside, to my family. I can proudly say that the love and support from my family only grows with each passing day. Throughout that time I moved to New York and had many jobs as well from hair, makeup, modeling, and sex work. Through all of this I learned the importance of self trust. Trust yourself and your intuition and you can never go wrong.

Through meeting Noam I discovered I could transition my experience to a different industry. I left the world of escorting to work in a high end New York fashion boutique where I successfully sold over $200,000 in my first year.

My next reinvention came when I moved to Costa Rica in pursuit of a deeper purpose. Through many late night coaching sessions with Noam I have discovered my true calling in life; to uplift and support the trans community, and leave the world a better place than when I found it.

It is my belief that there is no shame in sex work. It is my mission to create a future of successful gender creative entrepreneurs.

I am now working to build a million dollar investment fund for trans entrepreneurs all over the world.