I lived most of my life in the closest as a straight while male, but I am gender fluid. I coach entrepreneurs, business owners and creators to create masterpieces. My work was featured at Harvard, Yale, Standford Technology Venture Program, TED, and over 80 international conferences. The mother company that hosts all my ventures is called HiR, which is the integration of “Him” and “Her”.

The trans community has played a very important part in my life, helping me understand who I am outside of the simplistic norms I grew up with. Over the years of dating trans women, it hurt me to see so many struggling with financial independence and transitioning, in addition to creating successful and meaningful careers.

I dropped out of Civil Engineering to start a training company for corporate people on skills public speaking, teamwork, leadership, influence, marketing, sales, and social media. I was then invited in London to teach charities how to make money, which I did for a few years. I was then worked in NYC where I helped Tech startups raise money from investors. I eventually moved to Costa Rica from where I do all my coaching. In January 2017, I applied what I teach my clients to myself: I created a jungle fine dining restaurant and I am very proud that one of my plates is featured next to culinary legend Heston Blumenthal in “25 dishes to travel around the world for” by OpenTable.

In terms of name dropping, in addition to presenting programs at Harvard and Yale, I gave two TEDx talks. My first book "You are Your Brand!" is required reading at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and my third book "Seek to Keep: how to find the best mentors and keep them" was featured in the Stanford Technology Venture Program.

I am now working to build a million dollar investment fund for trans entrepreneurs all over the world, while living and working with a trans woman I love.

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