My journey began with an online invitation to apply for an amazing job. I was a student in Malta at the time and I wanted to write, to create, to really do something with the hand I was dealt in life. However, I dreamed too much and acted too little. I didn’t even know how to summon the will to do what I loved most - writing.

The moment I saw the job application I became incredibly excited. If I got the job, I was to work with Noam Kostucki - a masterpiece coach who inspired people to get up and live their dreams. My dream was to inspire others – it was unreal, it was exactly what I wanted.

The next thing I did was to ignore the application and keep myself distracted for days.

Then, at 6 in the morning, after a night of gaming, I realized I left the tab with the application open.

‘I’ll go to sleep and when I wake up I’ll do it.’

And as I walked away I had a simple impulse:

‘Why not do it now?’

And I did. I stopped procrastinating and I began what was to be three weeks of work on a video application – but the work was really on my confidence. When I looked at the first version with my friends, we all saw a nervous, fidgeting kid who didn’t really believe in what he was saying.


One of my friends looked at me very seriously and said:

‘Why don’t you come clean?’

The question terrified me. I didn’t really understand it, but it was obvious that it hit something deep in me. I didn’t know what to do but I followed my intuition. Life is not a straight road and neither do you walk it alone:

I came clean by talking about my immense fear of commitment to the girl I was seeing at the time.


Overcoming that fear gave me the courage to do the second version, and then the third and final version of the video.

A week after I sent my application, I was invited for an interview. I could hardly believe it. I had done it. I was still me, the fear had not left me, I still had doubts, but I did it.



The soul is only truly moved by one thing: Action.

You begin to change and to move as you take action, not so much with your endless thoughts. That was what the application meant to me: Taking a momentous action to change my way of being.


If you are starting your application:

1. Do something that seems impossible for you. This is the first occasion in which you can demonstrate an understanding of what a masterpiece is. For me it was being myself in front of a camera.


2. Take your time. Don’t send the first thing you produce. I made 3 very different versions of the final application video. The final one was very simple in comparison to the others, but also the most powerful. To get to that powerful simplicity, I had to go through all the mess first.


3. Create a comprehensive application. Send an application with multiple elements, showing the entire variety of your skills. I sent a CV, a sample of my writing, a video showcasing my travel spirit, and the main application video.