During my interview with Noam, he said to me:

‘We need something to talk about. Take the next 10 days to create something that will add value to my company and then we’ll actually have something in common to talk about, and we’ll know if we can work together.’

He left it to me to figure out what I would make. I loved this. It gave me free reign to make the most of my creative side.

Here, I took inspiration from what I loved most: Games.

I started work on The Masterpiece Card Deck. Cards to help guide someone through the various stages, obstacles, tools and aspects of creating a masterpiece.

‘Have you ever used a photo editing software?’ Noam asked.

I hadn’t. But I was living an immense sense of possibility and in 10 days I learned how to use basic editing software and created the Masterpiece Cards that come with this guide.

Two days after sending them, I received this reply from Noam:


‘I got it.’ I said. ‘I GOT THE JOB.’ And my parents smiled and hugged me proudly.


I went to see my best friend afterwards.

‘Congratulations.’ He said and gave me an honestly proud hug.




There is little else that can raise your confidence and joy in life than creating something and seeing it finished before you. I didn’t realize it then, but the Masterpiece Card Deck was the first Masterpiece I would create whilst working with Noam.


To this day, I have these cards as desktop screensavers. There have been many moments where I needed guidance, and found right on front of me, on the screen.


What Masterpiece do you want to create?



Whatever you will choose, these cards are here to guide on your journey.



If you are just starting on the job:



1. Begin with an all out creative display of what you can do, show the company what you’ve got. This will not only show that you can bring value into the company effective immediately, but this will also allow you to make a first experiment on where in the company your abilities fit best. Creating the Masterpiece Cards showed both me and Noam that I understood Noam’s practice. This opened doors of possibility as to what I can do in the company.



2. Learn something new. 

‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.’ - Steve Jobs.

Learning new skills is part of the very essence of Redefine Us - redefining. Don’t count only on what you know, take full advantage of the opportunities to redefine yourself here. I learned basic editing skills in 10 days. This gave me confidence in my ability to learn, and showed Noam that I can. And this brings you into the rhythm of learning and improving that characterizes Redefine Us.