Abundance Coaching

This program is for people who know they are amazing at what they do but haven't yet made their massive breakthrough.

You know that you can give so much more to the world, and that you can create so much more for yourself, but you don't know how.

If you already make your primary living from doing what you love, you're not getting paid what you're worth. And if you are successful in your field, it's not what you REALLY want to do.

For this coaching, you will make a 6-12 months commitment to create the reality you want to live in.


An agreement is something two people agree to do because they both want to. The difference between an agreement and a contract is that a contract is a ‘bond’ made to keep people to what they agreed to do no matter what. An agreement serves as a reminder of what a person wanted to do at a certain time, of what they gave their word to.

Deep coaching

This type of coaching involves going ‘deep’ with a person to explore their wants, fears, obstacles, perceptions and behavioural patterns. The purpose of deep coaching is to reveal the place the fear of the person comes from, to help them realize the faults in their perceptions and to make them aware of their patterns in order to overcome them.

Fearless Honesty

This honesty implies saying what we want to say despite of what other people might think. It is not letting fear of judgement stop us from voicing our opinions.


When we consciously create the world that we live in. We're gods when we express who we our through what we do. Gods crave for creation and growth.

Magical life

The magical life is the life of continuous growth. Where we consciously act to create our lives. This requires working with love and passion, investing time and effort into our masterpieces. If we live this way, we begin attracting everything we want into our lives. The magical life is not only about achieving the goal, it is about HOW we work towards that goal which brings the magic into our lives.


A masterpiece is the thing someone wants to create that seems impossible to them. This can be different from anyone. For a film-maker it could be getting their movie in the box office, for an alcoholic it’s getting by without alcohol for a week.

Masterpiece Coaching

This program is for people who have already created masterpieces.

You're successful in your field, you've built a network and you're ready to create something so big that you're not sure you can succeed.

You either don't know what to do with the pieces of a puzzle in your hands; or you know what you want to create but you don't know how. You want to get more clarity on the masterpieces you want to create, and you want help for this long journey.

For this coaching, you make a 12 - 24 months commitment to bring your masterpiece to life.

Quantified Self

This is a numbers’ meditation. It is a tool which helps you record your activities and the time you spend on them. You generally do this in an excel sheet.

Remote coaching

Coaching from a distance. Coaching that does not require face-to-face contact with a person.

Response Ability

This is the ability of someone who realizes they can respond to events in their lives, rather than just let them pass by.


When we are on auto-pilot. We're robots when we don't know what we don't know. Robots crave for satisfaction, security and stability.


When we have mastered the art of accepting that part of us will always be a robot on auto-pilot and we have mastered the art of creating the world we want to live in. Robot-Gods live life like ballet dancers move on stage: it seems effortless and every moment seems perfectly timed, they are in flow and they love being where they are, and their actions all seems to follow a path that makes perfect sense. Like ballet dancers, they work hard to keep growing at the art of creating masterpieces everywhere in their life and work.


Serving is the act of letting go of one’s own needs and desires in order to help another. In coaching this means that we put aside our own needs and desires in order to help a client grow.


When we realize we're robots and struggle to change. We're slaves when we want something to be different in our lives but don't know how. Slaves crave for change and happiness.


Synchronicity is the skill of meaningful coincidences. When we live our lives fully, on the magical path, we begin to notice how the timing of events or people entering our lives is perfect for the situation. These events seem unbelievable, yet the more intensely and consciously we live our lives, the more they occur.

Yielding and Choosing

When confronted with a situation in life, we can either become aware of our choices in that situation, judge which is the best to follow, or we can simply ‘yield’ to our natural reaction.

Example: Someone insults, you become angry, you yield to your anger and as a result insult them back. Alternatively, you could have calmed down and walked away or tried to make peace with that person. You could have also chosen to insult them, if you decided that was the best thing.