A few tried and tested bites of inspiration for your practice!

What if, from now on, the only way for people to understand what you do is for them to experience the power of your coaching?

This works for anything really. As a baker, would you rather talk about your bread or let people taste it? A baker who talks too much about his bread likely doesn't have very good bread. This helps you better in creating clients and in improving your practice.

Business is laziness

The world is FILLED with 'busy' people. However, you often find that many of them don't really make it, even though they're constantly 'busy'. This is because the 'busy' mindset is chaotic and rarely produces quality thinking. A lot of the time, being 'busy' means you're doing a lot of side tasks rather than what's actually important to you. All this hurrying is like a fly trying to make it to it's future by constantly smashing against the window. It doesn't work.

Slow down - some people are like puppies fervently accelerating on the kitchen floor tiles but going nowhere.

Take time to slow down. Look at your to do list and ask yourself 'What's REALLY important here?'. Once you narrow it down, remove as much as you can of the rest and focus 80% of your time on those important tasks - with patience, playfully. Most of the other things will fall into place. 

Every job is a blue collar job.

Many coaches treat their jobs as different from your regular job. They treat it like 'it's special' and they let their activities fall prey to their moods. That is a one way ticket to not getting anything done. Truth is, any occupation must be treated with a certain discipline and daily dedication for it to grow. 

Ever tried, ever failed, no matter! Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Failing is not a problem you will face, failing is how you will get there.

Build your self-esteem (keep the compliments you received).

When creating & coaching clients on a regular basis, you don't have the luxury of being insecure too often. For this reason, reminding yourself of the impact you had on other people's lives is key to keeping your spirits and confidence up.

Every act of conscious learning requires the willingness to suffer an injury to one's self-esteem - hence why it is so hard.