Q - Is this a charity program?

A - This is NOT a charity program. HiR Transcenders is a for profit venture that has a social purpose and that pays forward to its community. We believe that purpose and profit can work very well together. This program is a business accelerator and network of investors to help gender non-confirming entrepreneurs grow their companies. Entrepreneurs will make money as a result of participating in this program, therefore investors and organizers will make money, too.

Q - Does it matter how I look / dress?

A - We welcome everyone who is transgender or non-binary. You don’t have to dress or act in a certain way. The investors, partners and service providers who show their support to this program want to help you no matter how you identify and how you present yourself. All that matters is that you are respectful of others and help people feel comfortable with both who they are and who you are. One’s freedom stops where another’s starts.

Q - How much does it cost to take part in this program?

A - The program costs $18,000 per person and HiR Transcenders is offering a $12,000 scholarship to transgender and non-binary entrepreneurs. Participants will only have to pay $6,000 for this one year intense business accelerator. The fee is important because it ensures the commitment of each participant and it empowers each participant in knowing that they created the opportunity. For some this is easy money, for others it may seem impossible. If you have an amazing idea or an existing business, we will help you create the money to pay for this program. We will also offer payment plans for people who have financial struggles and show the potential for success.

Q - What fee does HiR Transcender take?

A - For the first year there will be no fees on investments under $200,000. Above that, there will be a 2% commission paid by the investor. After the first year, the commission will be 2% on all investments. Participants pay a $6,000 flat fee for the one year coaching program plus a week retreat in Costa Rica and introductions to investors, influencers and service providers who want to work with queer entrepreneurs.

Q - What size investments are available?

A - For the first year, it is very difficult to say. The investors in our network have the means to make small to large investments. Some are used to investments of up to $100M, yet for the sake of this program, they will consider investments as small as $1,000. Tell us about the investments your need in tiers, from the smallest amount to reach the next stage of growth to the amount you need to skyrocket. Investors will look at both and decide what to offer.

Q - What happens if I don’t get selected?

A - As Noam Kostucki’s time as a coach is limited, this program can only take 6 full time participants. Everyone who starts the application process will be invited to join the online program. We are in the process of building a library of courses and material that you can use to learn the same as the full time participants. All you need is an internet connection and dedication. By following the online programs, you can get yourself to be ready for the following year’s program.