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"Amazingly unique dinning experience, unlike any I have ever encountered. The flavor combinations were innovative, unpretentious and refreshing! The best octopus dish I have ever had! I have eaten octopus in Lima, Istanbul, Greece, etc. Incredible!! Noam is passionate about food and it transpires in the presentation and cooking of the food." - Khanh H


"HiR Fine Dining provides a calm, welcoming atmosphere, a kindhearted & creative chef, many incredible & unique courses, and and unforgettable experience overall. Chef Noam is an intriguing man who will never fail to delight your palate with his dishes. Our time at HiR was worth every penny, and I cannot wait until my next opportunity to dine there arises." - Alex W


"This is truly an experience. The food was all incredible. The host/chef/waiter, Noam, was entertaining and truly excited to share his culinary skills. All of the dishes look like they came from a fancy 5 star restaurant. The service is outside on a covered patio. Seating is very limited which gives you a personalized feel to your meal. Dishes will vary each time as the chef determines the menu. I've included pictures of each of our dishes, but there were seven courses and two desserts. The portions were small enough to not make you feel gorged afterwards.

We started with an avocado cream dish, a salad that included a passion fruit dressing, a scallop dish, an incredibly tender octopus with mashed squash, a Japanese version of spaghetti Bolognese, an authentic Indian curry dish, plantain chips and beet root chips with ceviche and homemade mayonnaise dip. For dessert, we were served the first dish, which was a chocolate truffle with freshly made banana coconut milk ice cream. The second was a fruit medley with a raspberry coulee. Most of the entrees included seafood, which is the primary protein source in the dishes here. All of the ingredients are local and fresh. Many of the herbs used come directly from Noam's garden.

I can't emphasize enough how unique this experience is. You are being served by the chef and he is extremely talented. It isn't fine dining from the aspect of the tables and lighting. You are in the jungle on a patio of a house, but I thought that made the experience even more romantic and intimate." - TX_Taster


"WOW!!! The best meal I have ever had. Noam and Rob are incredibly kind and talented. They were very accommodating in preparing a vegan dinner for my sister and I. The attention to detail and creativity of the entire dinner was amazing. I was blown away by the entire experience. You must go!" - brianaadele


"We had a wonderful experience here last night. Literally the best vegan food I have ever had. Noam and Rob were super creative. It was such a memorable experience. Don't miss it!" - ricemancr


"This was a very nice dinner. As the sun sets, the jungle sounds get closer. Small lanterns maintain a discrete light after sunset. There's a cat that knows It's a cat, and a dog that chews a stick a good portion of the time. Neither of which are a bother, but will keep you safe from the monkeys. I think It's fair to say that the experience is near the edge of Gorilla Dining. The tables are family style. The dishware was stylish and contrasted well with the backdrop. Noam plays the role of host, waiter, Chef, and bus. He is a happy, charming guy, and explains why he does what he does, and some of his experiences that lead to now.

No prep cooks. Every dish is entirely him. including some of the herbs grown right next to his porch. Everything tasted great.

His kitchen has the usual features for a private kitchen, sometimes multiple examples. The large, extra refrigerator catches your eye. You can talk to him while he prepares the dishes, though I'm not sure if that's an offer any artist wants you to take . It's a small place focused on food. Make sure you discuss what you want to drink beforehand." - Scott S

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