Hi Weaver,

My name is Noam Kostucki, and I created this adventure you have just completed. The scenes you walked through were designed by Dan Irimia.

I coach people who create masterpieces because I love to see people shine. My clients include entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and artists. My clients are often successful people who invest a significant amount of money to work with me, however I believe that money is often not the right the answer. You can read more about my coaching work on www.redefineus.com.

What excites me most is to see committed people achieve extraordinary things, because it makes me dream. And it gives me great stories to share with others who are also thinking of following their hearts. 

As my farewell gift, I'm giving you the possibility of winning a 2 hour Masterpiece Coaching session with me. The session will be free of financial charge: it won't cost you any money to work with me for this time. However, you will have to convince me that you REALLY want to create a masterpiece. I love to give my time away for free when it is for people who are so passionate that nothing can stop them for following their dreams. 

1. Create a document / presentation with a summary of your experience with The Invitation. 

2. Complete your 30 days challenge and keep a diary of what you've done and what results you got. 

When you have completed both, send them to dan at redefineus dot com with the title "INVITATION COMPLETED - READY FOR MY MASTERPIECE" and he will arrange the next steps. 

If you take advantage of this opportunity, I look forward to working together soon. 

Either ways, keep creating, keep shining.