HiR Sleep Over is more than just another accommodation. When you sleep over here, you get to experience the magic of HiR in its fullest. Your adventure HiR includes:

• Tree House or Luxury Camping accommodation

• Jungle Culinary Adventure in "1 of 25 restaurants to travel around the world for"
(Power breakfast, Cleansing Lunch, Fine dining 7 course dinner)

• Guided activities and spaces to grow, experience magic and create masterpieces


HiR sleep over is designed for people who want to grow, learn, reflect, transform and create. In the daily lives of most people, there is a noise everywhere. HiR is a space to be immersed in the jungle, and let nature work its magic. HiR is aimed at opening your reality to new possibilities. Staying HiR gives you an opportunity to step out of the matrix for a few days, and get back into your body, mind and spirit. People who’ve come HiR come from all walks of life: from the owner of a $200M fund to a private escort, passing by a successful young entrepreneur and an ex-con artist. Everyone who wants to experience their own magic can find it HiR. Everyone who wants to grow their projects to a masterpiece level, can inspiration and guidance here.