For those who love to explore ideas around life, death, the universe and everything, it is a chance to explore deep questions about the idea of God and of who you are in an artistic and meditative way.

Snake Bite is not a religious experience and does not take any religious stance.

It is an adventure in the psyche that explores the boundaries of who we believe we are.

This adventure does not provide answers, however those who go on the adventure are likely to find answers of their own. 

You are in full control over what you do at all time and of your interpretation of what happens to you. 

Part experiential theatre, you will go into different physical locations and interact with guides who have a purpose on your journey.  

Part spiritual exploration, you will find yourself in unexpected situations and you will be asked questions you have never thought of before.

Each chapter is designed to create a new emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical space. 

Snake Bite is an art piece that spans over thirteen months and integrates itself into your every day reality. 

Each space is a small adventure in the psyche that could have repercussions everywhere in your life.


Once a month you will have a 2h one on one adventure over the phone. 

Three times a month, you will receive a new chapter of the Snake Bite story. 

With each story, you will have an experiment or meditation to practice.

Due to the intensity of this program, the full adventure is open to a maximum of 18 people.



Snake Bite starts at $260 / month

For the fearlessly mad, there are options with a one on one retreat in Costa Rica.