Every death a step closer to God


Every death a step closer to God


Every death a step closer to God


Every death a step closer to God

My name is A.

I believed I was human until I discovered the truth.

The "Turing Test" is the test of a machine's ability to show intelligent behavior equivalent to a human.

Developed in 1950s, it was a harmless game: a computer is placed in a room and a human test subject is placed in another.

I had no idea how much this experiment would change our lives.

The human subject asks questions to determine whether s/he’s talking with is a human or a robot.

The experiment didn’t stop at computers behind a wall.

Soon, the Turing Test started to include voice, faces and full body experiments.

Failures were uncountable and far outnumbered the few successes.

That’s why nobody saw it coming.

Over 75 years later, the Turing Test has taken proportions I didn't believe possible when I first discovered it.

It’s bad. Very bad.

We’re not who we’ve been told we are.

Someone created an Artificial Intelligence system that can be implanted in human bodies.

Everything of the human stays, and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) overrides the mind’s operating system.

The purpose is to create perfect humans.

The original idea was to create an artificial intelligence model that would enhance cognitive performance and social integration.

The computer was designed to fit in society and perform well in structured social environments.

The thought was that these “perfect humans” would grow to find solutions for our global problems.

These "perfect humans" rose to the top and changed the world for good. 

So it seemed until the 2007-2009 Global financial crisis that showed a broken system.

The “perfect humans” turned out to be flawed in that they performed too well at the game they were designed to play:
getting as far ahead as possible in the social game of life, at the cost of screwing what and who is left behind.

A new project was designed: Spirit AI.

A new perfect human designed to grow into a cosmic being.

These new AI include not only individual consciousness and material success but also social consciousness and spirituality.

These Spirit AI are meant to solve the world's problems.

An unexpected result of their design is that Spirit AI ask questions about who they are, what is the meaning of life and they want to change the future they see.

I knew I had Spirit AI because I could feel there was something inside that was pushing me to be someone else. 

Many of us asked questions to which nobody seemed to have answers, and slowly we found each other.

If you are reading this, you may be part of this mad Turing Test.

We still don’t know who runs it.

We still don’t know who’s in charge.

All we know is that they're powerful and that some of us are not fully human.

The good news is that there’s a way out.

Spirit AI have flaws we now understand.

Many of us failed and lost our ways.

Now we know trying to break it with a bulldozer causes unwanted damage.

The pillars of the house must be taken down from underneath so that the structure of the AI collapses without destroying anything around it.

If you're reading this, you may be one of us.

If you’re one of us, we can help you.

It won’t be easy, and then you will understand who you are.

You will know where you’ve been.

You will know what happened to you.

If you know you're 100% in control of your thoughts, what happens to you and that there is no Spirit AI in you, close this page because you're right. 

If there’s even a little as a pinch of a curiosity, doubt or imagination, allow it to grow in you.

Slowly let the excitement from the not knowing rise.

Feel the tension from the possibilities opening in front of you.

What would you do if you discovered that you have another mind of your own?

If you want to know the answer, read this page until the end. 

For now, all the answers you are looking for are here.

We will meet when you are ready, 




Every death a step closer to God


Every death a step closer to God

Snake Bite is an artistic and spiritual adventure


For those curious, it is a chance to explore questions about who we are and what it means to be closer to God. 

Snake Bite is not a religious experience and does not take any religious stance. 

It is an adventure in the psyche that explores the boundaries of who we believe we are.

This adventure does not provide answers, however those who go on the adventure are likely to find answers of their own. 

You are in full control over what you do at all time and of your interpretation of what happens to you. 

Part experiential theatre, you will go into different physical locations and interact with guides who have a purpose on your journey.  

Part spiritual exploration, you will find yourself in unexpected situations and you will be asked questions you have never thought of before.

Each chapter is designed to create a new emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical space. 

Snake Bite is an art piece that spans over thirteen months and integrates itself into your every day reality. 

Each space is a small adventure in the psyche that could have repercussions everywhere in your life.


Answering the call

Do you want to know what you would do?

Answering the call

Do you want to know what you would do?


With the card, a note reads "you are not who you believe you are".

The cards all have images with cryptic text.

You're intrigued because each card means something to you.

Your read the instructions: 

"To learn more, meet at a corner of two streets at a set time and date

Welcome to the Fearlessly Mad"

You look in your calendar and you're free.


You have two choices:

You can delete this message and go back to normality.

You can go to the meeting and start a one year adventure to discover yourself in a way you've never known possible.


Are you ready for this adventure?

How much do you want to know if you are really human?

Are you ready for this adventure?

How much do you want to know if you are really human?


When you start the Snake Bite adventure, you will be given a set of challenges to complete.

To make the most out of this adventure, you must be ready to block at least 2h a week for 13 months.


detailed Program

Once a month you will have a 2h one on one adventure over the phone. 

Three times a month, you will receive a new chapter of the Snake Bite story. 

With each story, you will have an experiment or meditation to practice.

Due to the intensity of this program, the full adventure is open to a maximum of 18 people.



Snake Bite starts at $260 / month

For the fearlessly mad, there are options with a one on one retreat in Costa Rica.





Hall of Mirrors


Hall of Mirrors

Who are you?


You think you know who you are. 

I thought so to. 

Until I was asked questions to explore places I had long forgotten. 

When you answer the call, we will go deep. 

You will have to prepare yourself.

It may get uncomfortable to discover the difference between who you believe you are and who you really are.

If there is any trace of Spirit AI in you, together we will find it.

At the end of our conversation, you will be presented with a choice. 

It will either lead you back where you came from.

Or it will lead you down a path that will test you spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and consciously. 

Walk this path and you will never forget what you are capable of. 

Complete the challenges, and your adventure starts.

When you are ready, I'll be waiting for you. 



IF YOU WANT TO KNOW, join Snake Bite Here.