"As a result of taking the course, I got the confidence to talk with the main stockholder of my company about benefits that I hadn't received for years. I received $14,000 in late benefits."  - Corporate Executive

"I signed up for your course to get inspired to do things I want to do and how to go about it. I found enough of myself in me again to walk away from my partner and his emotional and verbally abusive ways. Now I have wings and it feels good!! One of those things was to be happy and I wasn't clearly. I don't think you can get better feedback that it gave me the strength to leave an abusive relationship!" - Journalist

The Initiation helps you define your masterpiece by knowing yourself better, and taking actions towards its creation. 

Through an exploration of 10 chapters, you will discover more about your identities, allies, enemies, strengths, weaknesses, map and actions. 

As a result, you will gain clarity and take steps towards the creation of your next masterpiece. 

To complete each chapter, you want to block 40 - 60 minutes of focused attention.

All you need is an internet connection, a timer and pen / paper to write your answers. 

This program cost $0. 

"What has changed basically is regaining confidence in myself, I am my masterpiece and regaining that was a huge step forward." - Actress