An entrepreneur had failed to raise any money in 4 months and we had one coaching conversation. At the end of the conversation, I invited him to make the commitment to ask directly for the full $120,000 he needed instead of $5,000 like he was asking at the time. Six weeks later he had raised $130,000 from two people who gave him $60k and $70k. I didn’t change his skills. What happened through coaching is that he changed his mindset. By changing your mindset, you can change your reality.

Every week, the six participants will join a 3h coaching call during which each business will be reviewed and we will explore how to change your mindset to create more. The conversation will focus both on your mental state and on the reality of what happened the previous week and what you will do the following week. Hurdles, obstacles and failure will be explored to turn them into successes.

Each conversation will be an opportunity to look at a challenge each entrepreneur is facing and/or an opportunity they want to take advantage of. Listening to other people’s coaching is a way to expand our realm of ideas and possibilities. At the end of each conversation, every entrepreneur will make a commitment for the coming week. At the beginning of the following week, the commitments will be reviewed as a reminder to go further every week.

These conversations will take place online, the first three weeks of the month on Monday at 9am Costa Rica time. Participants will be able to join either by phone or through a service like Skype or Zoom.