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US Cooking Tour

HiR Fine Dining in the USA

Cooking Tour 2019


US Cooking Tour

HiR Fine Dining in the USA

Cooking Tour 2019


“One of 25 dishes to travel around the world for”

Noam Kostucki is not a trained chef and never worked in a kitchen. HiR Fine Dining was a temporary side project that became a vocation.

Within 6 months of opening, of 40,000 restaurants HiR Fine Dining was selected by OpenTable for their list “25 dishes to travel around the world for”.

Noam traveled to Los Angeles and New York in October 2018 where he created HiR Fine Dining experiences for an exclusive number of guests.

In December 2018, he published his first book about cooking “Accessible Fine Dining” and within 2 years of opening, HiR Fine Dining became #1 in the area on TripAdvisor and OpenTable.

This year, clients have already booked private dinners at their homes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Missouri, Minneapolis, Wisconsin and Atlanta.

Noam will create new versions of HiR Fine Dining experiences at people’s homes using the best local ingredients. To organize a dinner, you need at least 8 people and to host Noam for 2 nights.

Dates and locations available as well the booking form is down below.

HiR Fine Dining at your Home in the USA
— The 7 courses were truly spectacular. Unlike any other dining experience I've had previously. The food was comparable to many Michelin starred restaurants we have been to in the past in France, Belgium and the US. If you are interested in a unique dining experience, this is it. Noam is an amazing chef, and the chef's table format was amazing. (RobertB - OpenTable)

Available Dates and Locations


Las Vegas - Sept 5, 8, 9

Los Angeles - Sept 13, 15 to 22

Missouri - Oct 3, 5, 6

Minneapolis - Oct 10, 11, 13

Wisconsin - Oct 17, 19, 20

Atlanta - Oct 24, 25, 27



How to Book a fine dining experience at your home


How to Book a fine dining experience at your home

Practical information to make a dinner possible
— I will arrive at your home at least 1 day before the dinner, go shopping and fill your fridge. I will most likely start cooking a day before the dinner, and again take over your kitchen from early morning. I will cook, clean and serve food during dinner. I will present the dishes and will have time for short conversations about food and life. The purpose of this experience is to create the space for something magical to happen with your friends and family. Together, we will spend a wonderfully memorable night.

* Dinner is 6 plates per person *

* Dinner lasts more or less 3h *

* Dinner is $195 per person *

* Dinner is min 8 person *

* seafood, meat, vegetarian or vegan *

* IMPORTANT NOTE * You host me at least the night before the night and the night of the dinner so that I am sleeping where I am cooking

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